Organized for writers and performing artists, as a safe-haven to support the early development of new work, Citizen's Garage gives new work time for tooling.


We learn through engagement and practice. Young Citizen's Garage provides a series of educational outreach programs devoted to this process. With theater as the vehicle, Citizen's Garage program classrooms come alive.


Young Citizen's Garage children drawing with colored chalk


Citizen's Garage mobile classroom offers off beat, theater course work exploring current events and S.T.E.M. curriculum, Pre-K to 12, especially in partnership with early childhood development programs.
Educators discover our methodology as a creative tool for student engagement, and better classroom management. Professional development credits available!
One Heart reading
Citizen's Garage particpants

“A wonderful learning experience...

...for my TESOL graduate students. They were all very energized and inspired by the creative activities Ms. Kerekes facilitated. A GREAT class!"

—Prof Karen Ogulnick Long Island University

"I am particularly impressed with Ms. Kerekes’ enthusiasm...

...and adaptability. As an educator, she genuinely listens to all the voices in the class room; she allows and encourages each student to have an opinion and validates all.” Deborah Robbins

—Tilles Center - Arts in Education Outreach Director & Coordinator

“The activity-based curriculum Lisa conducted...

...helped to develop the artistic and creative skills of my students. BRAVO!"

—Jessica McCarthy
Covert Ave 3rd Grade teacher