Citizen's Garage

Organized for writers and performing artists, as a safe-haven to support the early development of new work, Citizen's Garage was launched in 2008 in Brooklyn, NY. Frustrated with rehearsal periods that were far too short, (a product of budgetary constraints) founder Lisa Kerekes envisioned a studio space created solely to foster excellence through more substantial, open-ended, revisionary rehearsal periods. Offering intensive rewriting programs, navigated by weekly on stage reviews, Citizen's Garage gives new work time for tooling.

Team Tool

A 6 week “boot camp” program coordinated for yet-to-be-produced plays and screenplays. An opportunity to process, revise and craft a script through weekly readings and re-writes at our Gowanus Garage (studio space). This program culminates into a public staged reading, for up to 50 audience members. Grants and discounted rates available.

Patrons Program

An opportunity to foster creativity and support schools-in-need of arts programs. With your charitable contribution, we'll set up residencies. Help us produce annual performances at local schools!

One Heart Reading with Citizen's Garage

If we don't have the arts at a time like this, for what are we fighting?"

—Winston Churchill
Lisa Kerekes working with adults. Theater with Citizen's Garage


...combination of artist and teacher.”

Mick Casale
Head of screen writing, NYU Film school

Citizen's Garage playwright reading session

“In 22 years of teaching, she is among the finest actresses... come through the program. The real-world theatre experience she has gained will be invaluable to her students.”

Felicia Londré
American Theatre Fellow

Lisa Kerekes speaks to Citizen's Garage participants