Young Citizen's Garage

Set the Stage for a Lifetime of Learning

Learning is a creative, personal process, unique as a fingerprint. We learn through engagement and practice; artists and learners share this common principle. Young Citizen's Garage, launched in 2009, provides a series of educational outreach programs devoted to this process. With theater as the vehicle, CG's program classrooms come alive. Collaborating with teachers to integrate specific educational goals, the participants perform curriculum.

Cultivating the experience of rehearsing, learning how to repeatedly fail without fear, as performers do, life skills are learned.


A Gallery of Nations in One Heart

An out-of-the-box, funk musical - coupled with a community outreach curriculum, addressing the cost of prison culture on our society.

 With social inequities closing in upon him, follow the life of a young, mixed race boy as his family recovers from the tragedy of his father's repeated incarcerations for petty crimes. As his father re-enters back to the ghetto culture trap he cautions his son about school-to-prison cycles.


Discovering the Earth (**STEM Program)

Inspire a sense of wonder about the earth through our early childhood science curriculum. This in-school program offers single day, experimental activities, as well as a series of month-long workshops projects, all from a performance art perspective! Please contact us for details.

**Spread your partnership word! Participate in our teacher professional development partnership connected with this program. Help us create classroom standards for early childhood development, to improve the quality of instruction. GETTING A GREAT EARLY EDUCATION SHOULD BE A RIGHT!

The Pearl Project

An open forum, team created performance project, coached around the history of an artistic movement. Topics are explored through contemporary, theatrical forms (such as rap poetry, ring tones and digital images). The project culminates into a hard copy narrative the student-team strings together, memorizes and performs for the school. The sky's the limit for this presentation!

Student playwrights, engaging moral and ethical reasoning, and human rights awareness as themes for their plays, developed social skills which improved their self esteem.

Continued Practice—Summer Shakespeare

Program based upon H. Wesley Balk's book "The Complete Singer-Actor," explore the multiple modalities of performance techniques, through humor and play. Express in the language of the Bard - and have fun!

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Young Citizen's Garage children dancing
Young Citizen's Garage participants working with Lisa Kerekes
Young Citizen's Garage participants doing movement
Young Citizen's Garage participants wearing hats
Young Citizen's Garage participant holding fall leaf